2016 for dating site in russian - Devotional for dating christians

As the phone rang, the times the two of had shared ran through my head; times where we had played in the church, working community events, you name it. (1 Corinthians )Built with confidence I asked the tough question, "Will you go out with me?

We always somehow found each other (or at least I found her)... " Ready to thank her before she even replied, I was left half speechless when she simply said, "No." And after hanging up the phone, I did what every 16 year old teenager would after being turned down; I went outside to play catch in a thunderstorm- hoping to be struck by lighting just so I could ask God, "Why?

A woman who makes me a better man, a better Christian.

All along, despite my 8 year crush, and my own desires, God had the perfect woman just waiting for me. Today, what are you asking God for, and not getting?

Thanks for the humble reminder to wait on His providence- i needed that!