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Genre: MMORPG Platform: PCThere's a reason this golden oldie is still immensely popular.

One of the largest, and one of the best MMORPGs ever, is still constantly being updated, and offers a massive, ever-evolving world to explore.

If you have even the slightest bit of Star Wars fandom in your heart, SWTOR will keep you happy for a long time.

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Games that try to simulate real-world activities (like driving vehicles or living the life of someone else) with as much realism as possible.

Simulators generally require more study and orientation than arcade games, and the best simulators are also educational.

i OS and android users can control their very own vault and toy with the lives of their poor unsuspecting vault dwellers. Make them lay down their lives to defend the vault from raiders.

And delight in the warm feeling of Genre: Multiplayer shooter Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One Colourful, cheerful, and crammed full of satisfying shooty noises and cartoony maps, Paladins is as if Overwatch was set in a medieval fantasy world.

Genre: Sci-fi capital ship combat sim Platform: PC, PS4There are plenty of games out there to give you the thrill of fast-paced, futuristic space combat.