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Swinton (1934) and Chakravarti (1935) referred it to the Megalosauridae.

It was even synonymized with Megalosaurus itself by Romer (1956).

Bonde (2012) thought three larger teeth (including BMNH R 1588) were probably congeneric with Dromaeosauroides, while Nuthetes itself could be a more generalized neotheropod.

Milner assigns Nuthetes to the Dromaeosauridae based solely on the high DSDI, though she also compares the Mackelian groove and posterior extent of tooth tips to Deinonychus.

I'm unaware of this occurring in any other theropod, as most lose their mesial serrations before their distal ones. Barrett, Clarke, Brinkman, Chapman and Ensom, 2002. Benson (2008) noted it differed from Stokesosaurus in having a strictly vertical median ridge and a blade with a lower profile, so referred it to Tyrannosauroidea indet.. A re-evaluation of the Dry Mesa Dinosaur Quarry sauropod fauna with a description of juvenile sauropod elements.