Rssinclude not updating st raphael dating

Since a few months this solution isn't working anymore, so we had to look for another way. Some feed servers take 10sec to respond - and you certainly don't want to wait that long for the box.

So we have a server farm running in background periodically checking feeds for updates.

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Recently the price got too high for us and so the average feed age went up to 60 minutes.

We now ordered a bunch of ordinary (non "cloud") VPS helping with the updates - and we are finally back to 30 minutes! Just a short update: We improved Picture Box Template behavior for feed items not containing images.

RSS publishers set these limits to help manage the demand on their server.

For example, an RSS Feed might have a maximum polling frequency of 60 minutes. If you attempt to check the feed for updates more frequently than the specified limit, the RSS publisher can suspend your access temporarily or cancel your RSS Feed subscription.

You can work around that by adding &sortorder=ascending&orderby=starttime parameters - and use "natural" sort order in the rssinclude box options.